How to contributeΒΆ

For whinges and inquiries, please open an issue at github.

To contribute codes, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Check the roadmap before creating a new tutorial.

  2. Only cover a single new concept on a tutorial, and explain it in detail. Do not assume readers will know it before.

  3. Make both words and codes as simple as possible. Each tutorial should take no more than 20 minutes to read

  4. Do not submit large files, such as dataset or images, to the repo. You can upload them to a different repo and cross reference it. For example

    • Insert an image:

    • Download a dataset if not exists in local:'')
  5. Resize the images to proper sizes. Large size images look fine in notebook, but they may be ugly in the HTML or PDF format.

  6. Either restart and evaluate all code blocks or clean all outputs before submitting

    • For the former, you can click Kernel -> Restart & Run All in the Jupyter notebook menu.
    • For the latter, use Kernel -> Restart & Clear Output. Then our Jenkins server will evaluate this notebook when building the documents. It is recommended because it can be used as a unit test. But only do it if this notebook is fast to run (e.g. less than 5 minutes) and does not require GPU.
  7. (Update, this feature is not availabe for Jupyter now.) If you want to reference a function or class, use sphinx domains. For example

    • function: :func:`mxnet.ndarray.zeros` to mxnet.ndarray.zeros()
    • class :class:`mxnet.gluon.Parameter` to mxnet.gluon.Parameter
    • also works for numpy: :func:`numpy.zeros` to numpy.zeros()
  8. You can build the documents locally to preview the changes. Assume conda is available, then following commands create an environment with all requirements installed:

    # assume at the root directory of this project
    conda env create -f environment.yml
    source activate gluon_docs

    Now you are able to build the HTMLs:

    make html

    If latex is installed, you can also build the PDF version:

    make latex
    make -C _build/latex