Run these tutorialsΒΆ

Each tutorial is made from a Jupyter notebook, which is editable and runable. Assume python in already installed, then in additional, both jupyter and a recent version of mxnet are required. The following commands install them through pip:

# optional: update pip to the newest version
sudo pip install --upgrade pip
# install jupyter
pip install jupyter --user
# install the nightly built mxnet
pip install mxnet --pre --user

The default MXNet package only supports CPU while some tutorials may need GPUs. If GPU is available and either CUDA 7.5 or 8.0 is installed, then we can install the GPU-supported package

pip install mxnet-cu75 --pre --user  # for CUDA 7.5
pip install mxnet-cu80 --pre --user  # for CUDA 8.0

Now we are ready to obtain the source codes and run them

git clone
cd mxnet-the-straight-dope
jupyter notebook

The last command starts the jupyter notebook, and now you can edit and run these tutorials now.